Sobre Mi

Actualmente soy Director de Tecnología de Erudit AI Inc. en Madrid

También soy Presidente del Comité Técnico de Billioneurons en Nueva York.

Además, doy clases y conferencias sobre tecnología, negocios, política pública, psicología, filosofía, sociología y ciencia

My life turns around around artificial intelligence, linguistics and psychology. My greatest goal is to speak all the main European languages ​​and create a unified theory for teaching in adults. This ideal has led me to research what language is, how it originates and how it can be modeled to analyze and compare.

Along the way I came across that one of the great challenges of the 21st century is the correct and productive use of artificial intelligence and that natural language processing is probably the most controversial and convoluted. Therefore, I have dedicated the last 11 years of my life to its development, research, teaching and regulation through public policy.

As for its development, I have cofounded a series of projects - some failed, some successful. Eddi Ü is a platform dedicated to assess the progress of students in their secondary education years through machine learning and suggest them publicly available videos to reinforce the knowledge they should have. Oli Fashion House is an application that allows you to recognize the clothes in your closet, perform searches in natural language and - by learning your Instagram style - recommend you how to dress every day. Piktia is an application that creates albums from your photos on your device and social networks that arrive printed to your home. As well as Quarkma, a consultancy firm that seeks the implementation of the most advanced artificial intelligence methods in corporations that need them.

All of them have appeared hundreds of times in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and social networks in the United States and Latin America. They have also won national and international awards and raised investment rounds of up to 350 thousand dollars. I have shared all the experience accumulated in them with thousands of students in courses, workshops, conferences and consultancies worldwide. I have also contributed to the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Mexico as a member of the IA2030MX coalition and a guest member of the Artificial Intelligence subcommittee of the SFP.

I currently live in Madrid, where I developed a theory that unifies psychology, linguistics and artificial intelligence called Semantic Personality Analysis - along with my partner Alejandro Martínez. This theory is reflected in our company: Erudit AI Inc. - based in Miami - which is dedicated to improving the mental health, engagement and productivity of the workforce of medium and large companies internationally.


Data Scientist

Aprende a usar Python y las principales herramientas en ciencia de datos desde Analítica hasta Machine Learning, para proponer a empresas soluciones basadas en datos.

$ 1,784.00 MXN


Inteligencia Artificial


Computación Cuántica





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